Commercial Diving Services

Divers, dive platforms and dive support on the tidal Thames

CPBS can assist with all aspects of commercial diving.


  • Underwater surveys of structures - piers, barges, dock/river walls
  • Pier/barge inspections and maintenance – UT testing
  • Bridge inspection and maintenance
  • Confined space operations – internal tank inspection
  • Cathodic protection inspection, monitoring and installation
  • General and close visual inspection, including CCTV, CAD drawings and reporting


  • Underwater wet welding for temporary repairs
  • Underwater mass/reinforced concrete works
  • Installation of pile wrapping protection systems
  • Installation of concrete/grout scour protection mattresses and products
  • Steelwork installation

Repairs and Remedial Works

  • Dock and harbour wall repairs
  • Vessel hull and propeller cleaning
  • Internal cleaning and repairs to lock gates, culverts and sluices

Demolition and Removal of Temporary Works

  • Underwater diamond wire sawing
  • Contaminated water operations
  • Underwater concrete cutting and drilling
  • Ultra-thermic cutting works

Salvage and Recovery

  • Rigging & lifting
  • Salvage of sunken craft and assets

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