M.P.V. Gundog

An extremely versatile vessel for marine survey, diving, film and camera work, engineering and maintenance work.

At 20 meters, the Gundog is a Multi Cat Type Workboat with a proven track record as a reliable and robust Multi Role Vessel. 
Her wheelhouse and deck equipment are located aft providing a large and clear working deck area of 100m2.  In addition to her winch and crane package Gundog operates an A-frame and 8 metre seabed levelling plough.


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Vessel Specification


20m 9m 1.5m

Main engines

2 x Caterpillar 3406B Total Power 760HP

Generator 1HATZ 3L41C 220v/380v 23Kw AC 24v DC


Crane: Copma 810.6 crane, 15.3 tonne @ 4.65 metre, 4 tonne @ 15.7 metre with 2.8 tonne boom mounted winch

Main Winch:  20 tonne bridge controlled

After Winch: 4.25 tonne locally controlled

Deck Load: 61.25 tonnes

Speed: 7 knots

Bollard Pull: 8 tonnes

Fuel Capacity: 25 tonnes transferrable

Water Capacity: 15 tonnes transferrable

Accommodation: 2 double cabins, heated messing facilities.

Suitable for use as

Bridge survey boat, dive boat, film and camera boat, windfarm support vessel, towing, pushing, lifting, fetching, carrying, site work, marine construction support vessel, repair and all round maintenance boat.

Navigational equipment

Magnetic compass
Electronic compass
3 x VHF radio & 3 x hand held
Electronic chart plotter
Echo sounder
Speed log

Info to download

Gundog Dog Brochure and Specification


"We are very pleased with the works carried out by the Gundog and her team"

Gundog's marine crane load chart

Gundog's marine crane load chart

<p>M.P.V Sea Dog is licenced under MCA, Cat 2 and is able to carry a maximum of 12 passengers</p>

M.P.V Sea Dog is licenced under MCA, Cat 2 and is able to carry a maximum of 12 passengers